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TRI-TRONICS® designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality photoelectric sensors, fiberoptic light guides and controls for a wide variety of industrial automation applications. The performance of Tri-Tronics sensors in real-world applications sets us apart from the competition in the market.  Need your equipment to run faster and produce more?  Compare a Tri-Tronics sensor with output performance measureable in MICROseconds against competing products with output performance measureable in MILLIseconds. 

What could your application gain from an order of magnitude improvement in sensor performance?

Challenge us with your inquires.  We will offer quick solutions to your most difficult sensing tasks. For application assistance please contact us.

WARNING:  Our products are designed for factory automation and machine control applications only and are not to be used for personal safety.  Personal safety devices must meet strict OSHA and ANSI safety standards.


Sensor Catalog:
Sensor Catalog
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