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UF-AT1X25 - Fiberoptic Mode Sensor Without Contrast Indicator, IR LED

Our Price: $140.00

The UF-AT1X25 is a U.S. EYE® Sensor.

U.S. EYE® Photoelectric Sesnors were designed and built by TRI-TRONICS to answer the demand for economical and high-performance sensors!

This model is a Fiberoptic Mode Sensor Without Contrast Indicator and Infrared Light Source.

Opposed Range: With Lens: 12 foot / Without Lens: 2 foot
Proxmity Range: With Lens: 4 inches / Without Lens: 2.5 inches
Speed of Response: 7 ms
Output Information: On or Off Delay (0-3 seconds)

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Part Number: 17863
Catalog: UF-AT1X25

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