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  • Robust weatherproof design with metal housing to withstand harsh environments such as vibrations, collision, and abuse
  • Redundant emitters and high-flex robotic cable extends system life
  • Receivers wide-angle of view makes alignment easy
  • Totally immune to ANY ambient light, including strobes, fluorescent, and direct sunlight
  • Waterproof version with waterproof power supply
  • USAMade in the USA



System photoThe LEADINGEDGE® SERIES of elevator door protection systems are carefully designed to outperform, in every aspect, all door protection systems on the market.  Our wide-angle lenses allow for the sharp turning radius of closing doors on round elevators.  Power supply enclosure is designed for easy installation and rated up to NEMA4.  Jamb mounting is simplified using our unique nylon snap-in fasteners.  The array cables are Hi-Flex robotic grade for extended life and are “connectorized” for ease of installation.  Save time and money with our built-in system test procedures. The power supply features a test button simulator for beam break (hold for obstruction/release to clear) and a push-to-test button that energizes the master control relay.

For installations without our power supply the light source and receiver arrays can also operate on virtually any controller power and input.  The NPN output from the receiver array is continuously short-circuit protected, and the array cable connectors are interchangeable. The supply voltage requirements are 12 to 30 VDC @ 125mA.

The LEADINGEDGE® WATERPROOF “W” SERIES with technology originally developed for the NASA shuttle launch site is now available for you. Great for wash-down environments, outdoor elevators, parking garages, mono rail & light rail, beach high-rise apartments & condominiums, or any extreme wet conditions.  Fully encapsulated, there is nothing else more rugged and completely watertight.

The LEADINGEDGE® VANDAL RESISTANT “V” SERIES great for environments where tamper-proofing or quick change out is desired.  Mounting brackets are installed easily and quickly, and are very secure.  Edges are released from the top of the edge and can be replaced in minutes.  They can also be fully encapsulate as a waterproof option. 

 Reliability, superior light immunity, and weatherproof...the LEADINGEDGE® means less down time for your elevator’s door operation.

How to Specify:

Complete Standard System Power Supply Cases Nudging  
Part Numbers
No Side
EDGE-4 X     X X X
EDGE-4VS (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X     X X  
EDGE-4VC (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X     X   X
EDGE-4N X   X   X  
EDGE-4NVS (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X   X   X  
EDGE-4NVC (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X   X     X
Complete Waterproof Systems
EDGE-5W   X   X X X
EDGE-5WVS (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)   X   X X  
EDGE-5WVC (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)   X   X   X
EDGE-5NW   X X   X X
EDGE-5NWVS (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)   X X   X  
EDGE-5NWVC (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)   X X     X
Leading Edge Arrays Less-Power Supply Note: Accessory Connector Not Included
EDGE-6   X X
EDGE-6VS (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X  
EDGE-6VC (Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)    
EDGE-6W (Waterproof) X X
EDGE-6WVS (Waterproof/Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount) X  
EDGE-6WVC (Waterproof/Vandal Resistant/Fast Mount)   X
All standard models include the EGAC-4 kit, which consists of mounting brackets and hardware.
All VS/VC models include the EGAC-6 kit.
* The NUDGE-1 PC Assembly can be field installed on any model power supply.


General Waterproof Vandal Resistant

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