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Digital position and motion information is needed for a wide range of applications. Optical position technology offers the highest resolution of all the technologies. Accuracy and reliability are key. Photocraft optical rotary encoders have stood the test of time with proven service in harsh applications for more than 40 years. Encoders with precision measuring wheels designed for conveyor and web applications solve a host of linear measuring needs. Our shaft, hollow-shaft incremental and absolute rotary encoders are used in a variety of industries. Our encoders can be user configured to deliver a number of CPR settings and custom features to meet the needs of different applications. With our large selection of accessories and custom cables we are a one stop shop for all your encoder needs. Check out our selection of encoder products.


Shaft Encoders

Provides excelent speed and distance feedback for a rotating shaft.

Hollow Shaft

Hollow Shaft Encoders

Mounts directly on a shaft, eliminating the need for couplings and brackets.


Wheel Encoders

Uses precision measuring wheels to track and measure the movement of a conveyor belt or a moving web.


Absolute Encoders

Single-turn resolutions up to 10-bits in low cost miniature, modular, and industrial configurations.



Measuring wheels, shaft couplings, mounting brackets, mounting adapters, cables assemblies, and more.


Custom Solutions

Challenge us with your inquires. We will offer quick custom solutions to your rotary encoder needs.