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Absolute encoders generate a digital code indicating the angular position of the shaft. Each increment of one shaft rotation is given a unique digital code for a single-turn encoder. When power is first applied, shaft position is immediately known without having to home the encoder. Even if the shaft is moved when power is off, shaft position is not lost. Select from a wide offering of body sizes and styles. Once you have decided on a style you can configure your encoder to your needs using our configuration center.

4 Item(s)

  • MR Absolute Encoder


    Modular w/up to 11 bits of resolution

  • R30


    Size 30 w/up to 10 bits of resolution

  • SR30 Absolute Encoder


    Size 30 w/up to 11 bits of resolution

  • SR12 Absolute Encoder


    Size 12 w/up to 10 bits of resolution

4 Item(s)