clear label sensor

By Matt Reinstetle

In the field of industrial automation, accuracy and dependability are essential to a company’s success. If your product requires any label, then having the right label sensor is key. 

Product labels can come in different forms ranging from standard adhesive labels to translucent labels with reflective fonts, and everything in between. There are two common types of label sensors: standard label sensors and clear label sensors. Each label sensor has their pros and cons. Here at TRI-TRONICS, we offer both standard and clear label sensors. But when it comes to selecting a label sensor for your industrial automation needs, which one is best? Learn more about why you would choose clear label sensors over standard label sensors.

What is a label sensor?

Label sensors are a particular type of thru-beam sensors. These sensors have both the receiver and light source built into the same device, and the continuous web or roll of materials run between the receiver and the light source. Label sensors are sometimes referred to as a “fork sensor” due to its shape. 

Standard label sensors measure the brightness of the light coming through the material. The sensor looks through the backing paper to detect the gap between the labels and signal the labeling machine to stop the dispensing mechanism before the label is completely dislodged from the backing material.

What is a clear label sensor?

A clear label sensor works similarly to a standard label sensor but uses ultrasonic sound instead of light for detection. Due to transparent and translucent labels allowing light to pass through, high-frequency sound waves can measure how much ultrasonic energy passes through the gap.

Why would I choose a clear label sensor over a standard label sensor?

The most important aspect when deciding which label sensor to use is based on what materials are being used to create your labels.

The standard label sensor works all most label material, except clear or translucent labels.

If the labels are clear, translucent, then the clear label sensor is the best option.

Here at TRI-TRONICS, we offer both standard label sensors and clear label sensors known as the Label•Eye and Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor, respectively.

The Label•Eye features an easy set-up and a common style and configuration for compatibility with different types of machines. The Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor features an OLED graphic display which allows an improved view of the sensor’s performance, options, program modes, and helpful instructions.

For those companies which regularly change out labels with different materials, the Ultrasonic Clear Label Sensor is recommended due to the ease of set-up when switching material types. It is important to note that biodegradable materials are difficult to detect with a clear label sensor. Keeping a low-cost Label•Eye in your inventory is a great way ensure maximum up-time on your production line.

How do I purchase a standard label sensor or clear label sensor?

The TRI-TRONICS Company specializes in making photoelectric sensors, rotary encoders, and elevator door protection. We have a wide variety of sensors best suited for a diverse set of tasks in the field of industrial automation.

We understand that our customers have a job to do and have no time for issues. That is why every product TRI-TRONICS builds is made to be easy to use and durable enough to stand the test of time. We also offer product customization and private labeling upon request.

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