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Custom Machine Builder


Custom machine builders make highly integrated and custom machines in many industrial sectors such as Medical, Automotive, Food and Beverage, and Material Handling.  These machines are used in processes such as assembly, testing, inspection, lean manufacturing as well as many other automation procedures. All equipment produced by a custom machine builder require some type of speed or positional feedback device to determine rotational position of various parts.

Photocraft offers to this Industry many options that will work for many applications.  The most popular encoders used for Custom Machine Builders are as follows:


R Series

Shaft encoders are planned for direct coupling to a device shaft. Thus they generate a specific output pulse for each revolution of that Device shaft. To adapt or adjust to angular and rotational misalignment between two shafts; Tri-Tronics recommends a flexible shaft coupling or similar. Direct Mount is not recommended and may minimize or reduce Bearing Life. The R20 incorporates heavy duty bearings that can be used in driving a timing shaft and/or pulley system.


HS Series

Hollow shaft encoders are designed with either a through-bored shaft or a blind-bored shaft, and intended to mount directly onto a motor or other shaft. This eliminates the need for a shaft to shaft coupling and mounting adapter, resulting in both space and cost savings. The encoder "floats" on the motor shaft. A tether or flexible mounting bracket prevents the encoder from turning, yet accommodates shaft-to-shaft misalignment.


RS or HRS Series

The model RS and HRS is an optical encoder with standard 2¼” cube shaped housing that is electrically interchangeable with most cube style encoders on the market. It is designed to mount directly on an existing shaft. A flexible mounting bracket or other type of tether allows the encoder to float on the shaft without rotating. The number of pulses per revolution is determined by setting configuration switches accessible through an access port near the connector. Any one of a predefined set of pulses per revolution are available.


"P" Programmable

An Encoder with the “P” option represents the programmable feature. The Encoder is factory configured with a program that offers one or more features. DIP switches are utilized to set program parameters and settings. Some of the available features include: Selectable (PPR) Pulses per Revolution, Quadrature (A/B) Outputs, Direction Output and (AJ) Anti-Jitter feature.

Not all Encoder series offer the “P” option, please refer to the website or Tech Support of which models are available with this option (P).