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Hollow Shaft

Hollow shaft encoders are designed with either a through-bore or blind-bored shaft which mounts to a rotating shaft. They "float" on the shaft eliminating the need for a shaft-to-shaft coupling and mounting adapter saving space and cost. A tether or flexible mounting bracket prevents the encoder from turning and absorbs shaft-to-shaft misalignment increasing bearing life. Select from a wide offering of body sizes and styles. Once you have decided on a style you can configure your encoder to your needs using our configuration center.

10 Item(s)

  • HSB20 Hollow Shaft Encoder


    BlueCoder Size 20 up to 10,000 CPR & 16mm bore

  • HS20 Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Size 20 up to 720 CPR & 16mm bore

  • HS20-P Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Size 20 w/user selectable CPR & up to 16mm bore

  • HS25 Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Size 25 up to 1200 CPR & 10mm bore

  • HS25-P Hollow Shaft Encoders


    Size 25 w/user selectable CPR & up to 10mm bore

  • HS30 Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Size 30 up to 1200 CPR & 30mm bore

  • HRL Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Size 30 up to 1200 CPR & 25mm bore

  • HRL-P Hollow Shaft Encoders


    Size 30 w/user selectable CPR & up to 25mm bore

  • HRS Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Cube style up to 1024 CPR & 25mm bore

  • HRS-P Hollow Shaft Encoder


    Cube style w/user selectable CPR & up to 25mm bore

10 Item(s)