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HS30 Hollow Shaft Encoder


Features and Options:

  • Size 30 housing
  • Unbreakable code disk
  • Resolution Up to 1200 CPR
  • Heavy Duty bearings
  • USAMade in the USA



Product Description

The model HS30 is an incremental hollow shaft encoder in a 3" housing that mounts directly on an existing shaft assembly. A flexible mounting bracket or tether allows the encoder to float on the shaft without rotating. The HS30 generates up to 3 square wave outputs.

Industry Use

Conveyor Manufacturers Medical Printing and Labeling Custom Machine Builders
Packaging Robotics Material Handling Aerospace
Automated Scales Lumber    

Product Documentation

Additional Information

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Hollow Shaft Options
Output Types
Counts per Revolution Options
Anti-Jitter Option
Supply Voltage Options
Output Circuits

Modified Versions

Modification Description  
M139 Single output encoder with Enhanced Anti-Jitter feature View FileDatasheet