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The Medical Industry includes many Automated Machine Equipment that involves such features as: Liquid Handling, Medical Packaging, Life Sciences, Palletizing/Conveyance, Medical Imaging (scanning, MRI), Medical Device Assembly and Many more automated procedures. Many applications in the Medical Machinery Industry require high accuracy and positioning. Thus the need for a feedback device such as a rotary encoder.

Tri-Tronics offers to this Industry many options that will work for several applications, the most popular or demanded Encoder series used in the Medical Industry are as follows:


R Series

Shaft encoders are planned for direct coupling to a device shaft. Thus they generate a specific output pulse for each revolution of that Device shaft. To adapt or adjust to angular and rotational misalignment between two shafts; Tri-Tronics recommends a flexible shaft coupling or similar. Direct Mount is not recommended and may minimize or reduce Bearing Life. The R20 incorporates heavy duty bearings that can be used in driving a timing shaft and/or pulley system.


HS Series

Hollow shaft encoders are designed with either a through-bored shaft or a blind-bored shaft, and intended to mount directly onto a motor or other shaft. This eliminates the need for a shaft to shaft coupling and mounting adapter, resulting in both space and cost savings. The encoder "floats" on the motor shaft. A tether or flexible mounting bracket prevents the encoder from turning, yet accommodates shaft-to-shaft misalignment.


R30 and SR20 Absolute Series

The R30 is a 10-BIT, single turn, digital, rotary absolute position encoder intended for industrial applications needing or requiring up to 1024 uniquely identifiable positions per revolution. The SR30 provides up to 10-BITs and uses a patented cost saving technology that relaxes the precise alignment tolerances of conventional absolute encoders by an order of magnitude without sacrificing accuracy. The SR30 updates the outputs at 1KHz, while the SR31 updates at 3KHz.

Popular Medical Industry Special Options or Modifications

M203 - Environmentally sealed IP66 Rated