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Printing and Labeling


The Printing and Labeling industry utilizes many types of automated machinery. Rotary encoders are crucial for all these applications to provide position and speed feedback.  They are used in processes such as: inkjet printing, web guiding, paper feeders, label alignment and positioning, high-speed automation, alignment of labels on paper and the coordination of multiple roller axis. 

Printing equipment generally measures and generates images with resolutions measured in dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI).  Resolution is a key word for the Printing industry.  Matching (PPR) Pulses per Revolution vs. (DPI) is very important to optimizing the proper alignment of a printing application.  When specifying rotary encoders for certain printing applications, the disk resolution is usually correlated to print resolution. For example, many industrial ink jet printing systems employ a rotary encoder to track the motion of the object to be printed. This enables the print head to apply the image to a precisely controlled location on the object.

We offer encoders that will work for several printing applications.


R Series

Shaft encoders are designed for direct coupling to a device shaft. They generate specific output pulses for each revolution of the shaft. This is crucial in the Packaging and Labeling Industry. To adapt or adjust to angular and rotational misalignment between two shafts flexible shaft coupling are reccomended. Direct mountimg is not recommended and may reduce bearing life. The R20 incorporates heavy duty bearings that can be used in driving a timing shaft and/or pulley system.


HS Series

Hollow shaft encoders are designed with either a through-bored shaft or a blind-bored shaft, and intended to mount directly onto a motor or other shaft. This eliminates the need for a shaft to shaft coupling and mounting adapter resulting in both space and cost savings. The encoder "floats" on the motor shaft.  A tether or flexible mounting bracket prevents the encoder from turning, yet accommodates shaft-to-shaft misalignment.


RH or R Series "Wheeled"

Wheeled incremental encoders use precision measuring wheel(s) to directly measure the movement of a Printing or Labeling Roller assembly. Wheel Encoders can be mounted directly to a drive roller in order to determine speed or positioning feedback. In addition, the wheels are precision ground to exacting tolerance.