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R30 10-bit Industrial Absolute Encoder


Features and Options:

  • 10-bit, single turn
  • Up to 1024 counts/revolution
  • Exact shaft position is output even after power interruption
  • Gray code, natural binary and custom output codes
  • Parallel or serial output
  • high speed & low delay
  • USAMade in the USA


Product Description

The R30 uses a single, infrared LED that provides a uniform, dependable light source, and is used to read one of up to 1024 unique codes from a code disk. The absolute code disk contains a cyclic binary code known as gray code which is precisely imprinted on 10 concentric tracks. Each track represents one bit of resolution. A radial line of the disk is optically read by an array of 10 very precisely positioned phototransistors. Circuitry then converts the code to digital signals that are output on the 10 parallel output lines. Gray code was selected because one, and only one, bit changes between each adjacent code. This means that there are never any ambiguous readings caused by multiple bits changing as the disk is rotated from one code value to another. Use of an absolute code disk also guarantees that the R30 provides correct positional information even if the system is moved while power is off.

Models that offer other output codes such as natural binary (NB) also use the gray code disk internally. Conversion circuitry translates the gray code to any customer specified code up to 16 bits wide (serial outputs are also possible). A DataReady signal indicates when the outputs are changing so that ambiguities can be avoided, and it can also be used to clock an external latch.

Industry Use

Conveyor Manufacturers Medical Printing and Labeling Custom Machine Builders
Robotics Aerospace    

Product Documentation

Additional Information

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Output Codes
Supply Voltage
Output Formats
Interrogation Rate
DataReady Signal
Output Circuit

Modified Versions

Modification Description  
R30-8A068 R30 with 360 gray code, forward/reverse select View FileDatasheet
R30-8A084 R30 with 360 gray code, forward/reverse select, 1.562" shaft length, environmentally sealed View FileDatasheet
R30-8A085 R30 with 360 gray code, forward/reverse select, environmentally sealed View FileDatasheet
M108 R30 with forward/reverse direction select View FileDatasheet
R30 with 360 gray code, forward/reverse direction select, 1/2" shaft diameter View FileDatasheet