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RB20 Shaft Encoder


Features and Options:

  • High-Definition blue-light phased array technology
  • Compensated blue-light source
  • Wide operating voltage 4.5Vdc - 30Vdc
  • High resolution up 10,000 CPR
  • Unbreakable code disk
  • Low lag time.  Excellent for motor regulation
  • Shaft size from 0.250" to 0.375" & 4mm to 8mm
  • Servo ring and face mount options
  • IP65 environmental seal
  • USAMade in the USA



Product Description

The BlueCoder model RB20 is an optical incremental encoder that use the benefits of blue LED light.  It is housed in a 2" diameter x 1-3/4" long enclosure that can be face mounted using three 6-32 x .25" deep mounting holes on a 1.75" diameter bolt circle. Short wavelength light, such as blue-light is less diffraction as it interacts with the slots of a code disk.  The shorter wavelength light can be taken advantage of by using modern semiconductor processes with small shallow structures.  Coupled with the long term temperature-stable modern blue LEDs the result are improved resolution, accuracy and stability.

Industry Use

Conveyor Manufacturers Medical Printing and Labeling Custom Machine Builders
Packaging Robotics Material Handling Aerospace
Automated Scales Lumber    

Product Documentation

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