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RC Base Mount Rotary Encoder

Not recommended for new applications.


Features and Options:

  • Rugged 1/4“ anodized aluminum housing
  • 3/8" stainless steel shaft and precision ball bearings
  • 1 to 600 counts per revolution
  • Single output, quadrature, and index outputs
  • USAMade in the USA



Product Description

The Photocraft model RC is a non-contact optical shaft encoder in a rugged, base mount configuration designed to provide years of trouble-free operation in industrial environments.

The model RC converts shaft rotation into square wave outputs having the specified number of counts per revolution to provide an accurate means of digitizing position, rate, or direction of rotation.

Output pulses are generated when a shatter-proof optical disk internally mounted on the encoder shaft and having the specified output pattern is read by 1, 2, or 3 opto-sensors depending on the number of outputs required. The temperature compensated sensors and rugged aluminum housing assure continuous, reliable operation in industrial environments over a 0° to 70° C temperature range.

UNIDIRECTIONAL - RC Provides a single output (A) with the specified counts per revolution regardless of which direction the shaft is rotating

UNIDIRECTIONAL WITH INDEX - RCZ Second output (output Z) provides a zero reference or index pulse occurring once per revolution, having a pulse width approximately equal to a single pulse on output A

QUADRATURE - RCQ Bidirectional encoder provides outputs A and B having the same number of counts per revolution in quadrature relation to each other. Indicates shaft rotation and direction of rotation to any control device that accepts quadrature inputs.

QUADRATURE WITH INDEX - RCQZ Quadrature encoder with zero reference or index pulse.

DUAL OR TRIPLE OUTPUT - RC-a/b/c Provides two or three independent outputs with up to 360 counts per revolution in place of the quadrature and index outputs.

Industry Use

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Product Documentation

Additional Information

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Shaft Options
Output Types
Counts per Revolution Options
Anti-Jitter Option
Supply Voltage Options
Output Circuits

Modified Versions

Modification Description  
M101 Encoder with DIN connector (not recommended for new designs) View FileDatasheet
M128 1/2" shaft diameter, side connector
Specify M128R for connector on the right side
Specify M128L for connector on the left side
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Not Recommended for New Applications.