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RH Dual Wheel Linear Measurement Encoder


Features and Options:

  • Ultra heavy duty construction
  • Accurate linear measurement.
    Tracks conveyor movement independent of conveyor roller diameters.
  • Self-Aligning
  • Exclusive "Anti-Jitter" circuit for conveyor applications
  • Single (A), quadrature (A, B), and index (Z) outputs
  • USAMade in the USA



Product Description

The Model RH encoder, also known as a Pulse Position Indicator (PPI), generates tracking pulses for web applications, and in particular for material handling sortation applications when used with bar code laser scanners or CCD vision systems.  12" or 30cm circumference measuring wheels ride directly on the conveyor belt or web eliminating any slippage problems typically encountered with shaft encoders. With its double wheel construction, the encoder is self-aligning when allowed to pivot freely from its integral arm. The encoder’s weight is sufficient to maintain contact when mounted above the moving material.  For mounting below the belt use MB-UB1 under belt mounting accessory.  

Shaft rotation is converted into square wave output pulses to provide an accurate means of digitizing position, rate or direction of rotation. A shatter-proof optical disk attached to the encoder shaft interrupts an infrared light beam and photo sensor. Internal wave shaping circuitry provides a square wave output that is compatible with all popular counters and digital tachometers. When used with measuring wheels it can accurately measure inches, feet, centimeters, inches/min., feet/min., and many others.

Configurations consist of: unidirectional that produces a single output (output A) with the specified number of counts per revolution regardless of which direction the shaft is rotating; and quadrature that produces 2 outputs (A and B) for indicating amount and direction of shaft rotation. Both are also available with optional index output (output Z).

The Anti-Jitter option was designed for conveyor and web systems that require continuous and accurate measurement of the web's movement even if the system must be stopped and restarted without reset. “Anti-Jitter eliminates the effects of mechanical vibration and the possible dither that results in false output pulses and the subsequent erroneous counts when the system is actually “stopped”. “Anti-jitter” is available on single output models with up to 60 counts per revolution.

Industry Use

Conveyor Manufacturers Printing and Labeling Custom Machine Builders Packaging
Material Handling      

Product Documentation

Additional Information

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Output Types
Counts per Revolution Options
Anti-Jitter Option
Supply Voltage Options
Output Circuits

Modified Versions

Modification Description  
IW Independent wheels for curved conveyors View FileDatasheet
M94 Modified connector wiring, ECCI PU820 12/5 compatible View FileDatasheet
M101 Encoder with DIN connector (not recommended for new designs) View FileDatasheet
M126 1.8" shaft length (each side) View FileDatasheet
M129 Encoder with 2 independent, single output circuits View FileDatasheet
M130 Encoder cable with pre-wired 4-pin connector on other end to scanner View FileDatasheet
M131 Encoder with M12 4-pin connector View FileDatasheet
M139 Enhanced Anti-Jitter feature View FileDatasheet
M140 Minimum speed detector output View FileDatasheet
M142 Enhanced Anti-Jitter feature and Turck PSG 4M-2/S90-S618 View FileDatasheet
M148 Specially constructed cable with 3-pin connector for high noise immunity View FileDatasheet
M197 RH encoder with 10 ft. / 3 meter permanently attached cable View FileDatasheet
M198 RH encoder with 16mm connector View FileDatasheet
M226 RH encoder with 10-pin MS connector (MS3102E-18-1P or similar) View FileDatasheet
M265 RH encoder with shortened mounting handle View FileDatasheet

For our programmable Dual Wheel model, please see our RH-P Programmable Dual Wheel Encoder.