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RS Cube Style Encoder


Features and Options:

  • 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" shaft diameters
  • Double ended shaft option
  • Exclusive "Anti-Jitter" circuit for conveyor applications
  • Single (A), quadrature (A, B), and index (Z) outputs
  • 1 to 1200 counts per revolution
  • USAMade in the USA



Product Description

The model RS is a 2-1/4" cube incremental encoder with four 6-32 x 1/4" deep mounting holes on a 2" diameter bolt circle located on both ends and the bottom. The enclosure is constructed of 1/8" minimum thick aluminum with a connector and single or double ended shaft. This model is compatible with most cube style encoders on the market.

Shaft rotation is converted into square wave output pulses to provide an accurate means of digitizing position, rate or direction of rotation. Output pulses are generated when an internal code disk mounted on the shaft and having the specified output pattern is read by 1, 2, or 3 opto-sensors depending on the number of outputs required. The matched LED and opto-sensor pairs, compensation circuitry and rugged aluminum housing assure continuous, reliable operation in industrial environments.

Accessories and customized configurations are available including electrical functions such as direction of rotation indication, measuring wheels, special shafts, and flexible couplings.  The type of outputs are based on shaft rotation as follows:

Pulse Output: A Single output (A) with a specific number of counts per revolution (cpr) of the shaft; Dual outputs (A and B) with two independent outputs and the cpr on A can be different than the cpr on B; or Triple outputs (A, B, and C) with three independent outputs.

Quadrature: Two pulse outputs, A and B, have the same cpr and are in quadrature relation to each other (A leads B by 90 for clockwise rotation as viewed from shaft end farthest from connector). This will indicate distance and direction of shaft rotation to any control device that accepts quadrature inputs.

Zero Marker Output: Provides a zero reference or index pulse on output Z occurring once per revolution, having a pulse width approximately equal to a pulse on output A.

Direction Output: Indicates the direction of shaft rotation, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Minimum Speed Output: Indicates when the shaft exceeds a predetermined revolutions per minute (rpm).

Anti-Jitter feature:  Designed for conveyor and web systems requiring continuous and accurate measurement of the web’s movement even if the system must be stopped and restarted without reset. When the web stops, and if there is sufficient vibration or back-and-forth movement, then the encoder output could oscillate, appearing as if the web were actually moving. Anti-jitter eliminates this condition by significantly increasing the pulse hysteresis.

Industry Use

Conveyor Manufacturers Printing and Labeling Custom Machine Builders Packaging
Material Handling      

Product Documentation

Additional Information

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Shaft Options
Output Types
Counts per Revolution Options
Anti-Jitter Option
Supply Voltage Options
Output Circuits

Modified Versions

Modification Description  
M80 Modified connector wiring, ECCI PU863, PU868 compatible see also M122 View FileDatasheet
M88 Current sinking outputs with 1.5K pull-up resistors View FileDatasheet
M104 6mm shaft diameter View FileDatasheet
M111 Modified connector wiring View FileDatasheet
M122 Modified connector wiring, ECCI PU863, PU868 compatible see also M80 View FileDatasheet
M131 Encoder with M12 4-pin connector View FileDatasheet
M139 Single output encoder with Enhanced Anti-Jitter feature View FileDatasheet
M143 RS encoder with a Mini-Con-X connector View FileDatasheet
M149 RS encoder with attached cable View FileDatasheet
M160 Modified connector wiring View FileDatasheet
M172 Modified connector wiring to match Red Lion model RPGB encoder View FileDatasheet
M173 Current sinking outputs with 2.2K pull-up resistors View FileDatasheet
M182 RS encoder with single ended shaft and heavy duty bearings View FileDatasheet
M184 RS with MB-FL6 adapter, heavy duty bearings, .86" shaft length View FileDatasheet
M188 RS with 8-pin connector for +A/-A, +B/-B, +Z/-Z outputs View FileDatasheet

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