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Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber optic sensors are a special type of sensor that uses fiber optic light guides to deliver the light to the sensing position.  They work well for applications involving small targets, unfavorable conditions and tight areas.  Glass fibers can be used in harsh environments without damage and are more rugged than plastic fiber optics.  Plastic fiber optics are more flexible and cost-effective and can be cut to length.  When applied correctly, fiber optic sensors solve many applications general purpose sensors can't solve.

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  1. DFS11

    Digital Fiber Optic - DFS11

    Digital Fiber Optic Sensor
    An all inclusive Fiber Optic Sensor.

  2. Classic


    High Resolution, High Speed Sensor
    Features our unique Contrast indicator that provides for precision set-up and performance verification no matter how minute the light-to-dark contrast. Multiple lens configuration modes including fiber optic mode.



    Contrast Sensor for Registration Marks
    High-speed, high-resolution registration mark sensing. Able to meet the demands for precision registration control on high-speed packaging machinery.

  4. EZ-EYE


    Miniature Push Button Sensor
    Versatile for a wide range of automated machine control applications and simple to set-up using our unique one-touch AUTOSET routine. EZ to align and EZ to adjust.

  5. EZ-Pro


    Automatic Self-Adjusting General Purpose Sensor
    High performance, automatic adjusting photoelectric sensor that can be set-up and configured by a single push of a button. Multiple lens configuration modes including fiber optic mode.

  6. EZ-PRO Long Range

    SMARTEYE® EZ-PRO™ Long-Range

    Long-Range General Purpose Sensor
    High performance photoelectric sensor that can be set-up and configured by a single push of a button.

  7. High Intensity


    Super Bright IR Thru-Beam
    Solves thru-beam sensing tasks where the material is dense for container contents sensing, where the lens is subject to contamination build-up, or for long-range sensing in harsh environments.

  8. MARK II Fiber


    High Performance Sensor with "Enhanced Dynamic Range"
    High-resolution photoelectric sensor capable of performing sensing tasks most other sensors can't accomplish. It provides extended operating ranges, enhanced background suppression and the elimination of saturation problems. Multiple lens configuration modes including fiber optic mode.

  9. Mark III Fibers


    Miniature High Performance Sensor
    High performance photoelectric sensor in a miniature size that you can use anywhere for any task... including your toughest industrial sensing applications.

  10. Mark•Eye PRO Fibers


    High-Resolution Registration Mark Sensor
    Detects printed registration marks on a continuous webs at high-speeds. Set-up and configuration at the push of a single button. Configurable lens or fiber-optic modes.

  11. MITY-EYE Fibers


    Miniature Sensor
    Provides the same features and benefits of large, expensive sensors... at an affordable price. Interchangeable solid "optical grade" high impact lenses available for many sensing applications.

  12. Opti-Eye Fibers


    Miniature DIN Rail Mountable Sensor
    Rugged, cost effective, miniature, easy to use, versatile, and waterproof. High reliability for those tough general purpose industrial sensing tasks.

  13. SMARTEYE PRO Fibers


    General Purpose Self-Adjusting Sensor
    An automatic event-driven, self-adjusting photoelectric sensor that compensates for deteriorating changes during operation. Set-up and configuration at the push of a single button. Configurable lens or fiber-optic modes.



    Luminescent Sensor
    Detects the presence of invisible fluorescent materials contained in or added to chalks, inks, paint, greases, glue, or optical brighteners found in labels, paper, tape, string, etc.

  15. Tiny-Eye Fibers


    Small and Economical
    Fills the need for a standard "low cost" miniature DC-powered sensor with the flexibility to perform a multitude of industrial sensing tasks.

  16. X-PRO XP10 Fiber

    X-PRO XP10

    X-tremely High-Speed Dual-Function Sensor
    The highest speed (10µs) dual-function sensor in the world. One mode for precision registration mark sensor with 5µs repeat­ability and the other mode for standard photoelectric sensing of any high speed application.

  17. XPC


    General Purpose Sensor with Data Port
    General purpose sensor used for a wide range of applications. Great for applications where physical contact of the sensor is either restricted, undesirable, or delays production line throughput. RS-232 single sensor or RS-485 multi-drop data port.

17 Item(s)