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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Orders placed with TRI-TRONICS (written or verbal) are subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated in this document. No modifications or revisions to the terms and conditions as listed will be allowed without special written authorization by an officer of TRI-TRONICS Co. Inc. No employee or representative of TRI-TRONICS is authorized to change the warranty or terms and conditions in any way or to grant any other warranty. Purchaser’s acceptance of an order shall be deemed as assenting to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The lack of an objection by TRI-TRONICS to any and all revisions, alterations, or additions to the terms and conditions, as set forth herein, by the purchaser contained in any prior or subsequent purchase order or communication shall not be construed as a waiver or acceptance by TRI-TRONICS.


TRI-TRONICS warrants that the products delivered by it will be of the kind and quality described in the order or contract and will be free of defects in workmanship or material. Should any failure to conform to the express warranty appear within one (1) year, Tri-Tronics shall upon written notification correct such non-conformity, including non-conformance with TRI-TRONICS’ specifications, at its option, either by repairing any defective part or parts, or by making available F.O.B. the seller's plant, a repaired or replacement part. This warranty shall be for a period of one (1) year after the date of delivery of any product not meeting TRI-TRONICS’ specifications.

This warranty is in lieu of all warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or other warranties, express or implied, except of title and against patent infringement. Correction of non-conformities in the manner and for the period of time provided above, shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Tri-Tronics to anyone, whether based on contract, negligence or otherwise with respect to, or arising out of such products.

TRI-TRONICS shall not be liable for special, indirect, or consequential damages. The remedies set forth herein are exclusive, and the liability of TRI-TRONICS with respect to any contract or sale or anything done in connection therewith, whether in contract, in tort, under any warranty, or otherwise, shall not, except as expressly provided herein, exceed the price of the product or products on which such liability is based.

This warranty shall not apply to any product which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, accidental or misapplied or modified or repaired usage by unauthorized persons or as the result of improper installation thereof. Furthermore, any improper use, operation beyond capacity, substitution of parts not approved by TRI-TRONICS, or any alteration or repair by others in such manner as in TRI-TRONICS' judgment affects the product materially and adversely shall void this warranty.


Before returning product for credit to TRI-TRONICS, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained. Only product that is “like new” and can be resold will be accepted for return. Since most TRI-TRONICS’ encoder products are “built-to-order”, a typical charge of $35 (or 25%) will apply to each item returned to cover the cost of retesting and converting the product to an item that can be resold. Return product to Tri-Tronics Co Inc, 7705 Cheri Ct, Tampa FL 33634, USA.


TRI-TRONICS will deliver its products F.O.B from its place of manufacture within the U.S.A. Freight charges and insurance will be prepaid and added to the invoice, or optionally, shipped “freight collect.”

Taxes and Other Charges

Any manufacturer’s tax, retailer’s occupation tax, use tax, sales tax, excise tax, value added tax, duty, custom inspection or testing fee or any other tax, fee or charge of any nature whatsoever imposed by any governmental authority, on or measured by any transaction between TRI-TRONICS and the customer shall be paid by the customer in addition to the prices quoted or invoiced. Taxes or other charges that are prepaid by TRI-TRONICS will be added to the invoice.

Terms of Payment

Standard terms of credit are net 30 days providing satisfactory credit is established.

Minimum Order

Minimum invoice amount shall be $30 net.

070-0220 Rev.
Updated 07/07/2014